Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains


A common plumbing issue that occurs in almost every home in Australia is blocked drainage system. It has a harmful effect on health, which is why an immediate action is necessary before it gets out of hand. It does not only affect a particular joint but spreads across to the other joints, and this can lead to stagnant water and other disruptions.

Blockage in drains is usually caused by flooding, polluted environment, dirty carpets, floorboards, and structural damage while building or an irreparable drain. At Logical, we carefully check out the pipe connection in your home to detect the source of the problem occurred. We clean the blocked drain with our advanced equipment that ensures that everything is restored to normal.

With the aid of our advanced CCTV Drain Camera, our professional plumbers at Logical can see through the drain, and then they use an advance pipe locator for identification of the exact point where the problem lies, and the intensity of the issue. A thorough cleaning is done after this to remove the dirt which is blocking the drain using high-pressure water jetting equipment that pushes out any obstacle in the drain.

After cleaning the drain with the high-pressure water jetting equipment, we run another check to ascertain that the drain is free from blockages of any kind. We can go as far as generating an evidence of the blocked drains and the blockage removal by making a video for you that is presentable to your insurance company.

We are transparent in dealing with our customers because we provide them with  an adequate information on maintenance of the drain from time to time to avoid a re-occurrence in the nearest future. With the help of our knowledgeable plumbers at Logical, there is a guarantee of the best service for your blocked drain.